No Pastor and/or Author Has Ever Said in the History of the Modern Church “Throw Away Every Book … I Ever Wrote” Because Most Pastors/Authors See Their Books as  an Extension of Themselves and or Their Ministries. God Is Doing Something Powerful in Creflo Dollar’s Life. Leave Him Alone and Let Him Do What He Is Going to Do — Is Dr. Creflo Dollar Preparing His Church, the Evangelical Christian Community, and the World for a Big Confession, Repentance and Apology For His Role in the Damage Caused by the So-called Prosperity Gospel? –Daniel Whyte III Believes That He Is. Like Benny Hinn, Whyte Believes That Creflo Dollar is a Saved Man, by the Grace of God, and Got Led Astray by The Devil, the Flesh, and Friends, and Caught up With the False Teaching of the Prosperity Gospel. Whyte Believes The Difference Between Benny Hinn and Creflo Dollar And Some of the Other Prosperity Gospel Preachers is That Both Men Are Truely Born-Again Christians. Preachers and People Who Are Truly Born-Again And Saved Will Come Under the Conviction, Rebuke, and Chastisement of Almighty God About the Wrong and Evil Things They Have Done, and it is Unshakable, and They are Compelled by God to Make it Right and Even Will Deeply Humble Themselves Before God, the Church, and the World, and Course-Correct Because They Fear Almighty God. And as Benny Hinn said, ‘I Cannot Die LikeThis and Face God Like This.’ And Contrary to What People Think About Them They Do Not Mind it at All Because They Are Already “Dead in Christ.” As Creflo Dollar Said to His Church Family, “I Will Lose Some Friends and Some Pastors Will Never Ask me to Come Speak Again, But That’s Alright. I Have Already Been Through This Before.”