Women and Black Workers Face Bias During Job Performance Reviews

Mid-year performance reviews are underway. For some workers the chance to sit down with their manager and take a bow can be a boost to their careers, egos, and importantly, pay.

For others, though, it’s a bust. And the fallout may have absolutely nothing to do with someone’s actual performance and productivity, but rather the embodiment of embedded bias.

Those who are undercut the most by it are women, who receive significantly less actionable feedback than their coworkers, according to the study by Textio, a software company that analyzed feedback provided to more than 25,000 people from 250 organizations. Black workers, too, also are more likely to get feedback focused on personality over performance.

That can translate into lower pay and fewer opportunities for promotions.

The demographic inequities aren’t specific to just one organization or its feedback culture, according to the researchers. “Rather, they offer insight into the kind of feedback that different groups tend to receive regardless of where they work.”

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SOURCE: Yahoo News, Kerry Hannon