Trophy Hunter Who Killed Endangered Animals Found Shot Execution Style After His Truck Broke Down in South Africa

Riaan Naude was a well-known endangered game hunter. (Facebook/Karusek Likena)

An avid hunter of endangered animals was shot dead in South Africa after his truck broke down, according to new reports.

Riaan Naude, the 55-year-old head of Pro Hunt Africa, was found dead next to his vehicle in Marken Road, Limpopo. Cops said they have no motive yet.

Two hunting rifles were found in Naude’s car near the Kruger National Park wildlife reserve, local outlet Maroela Media reported June 9.

The non-profit Heritage Protection Group said Naude was shot dead by a man who pulled up alongside him when the hunter stopped his car near Mokopane after it overheated, according to Metro UK.

“His vehicle overheated & he was shot execution style next to the vehicle in Limpopo,” the Twitter account “XposeTrophyKilling” said in a post.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Sam Raskin