Pastor Ralph West Says God Calls All Kinds of People to Behold the Lamb of God at Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly

Ralph West preaching at CBF General Assembly in Dallas June 30.

God uses different people in different ways, just as seen throughout creation, Houston pastor Ralph West told the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship June 30.

“Have you noticed in a careful reading of Scripture that God doesn’t do any two things in natural creation the same?” asked West, pastor of Church Without Walls.

For example, he explained, on a recent vacation to the beach, he determined each day to watch the sunrise and the sunset, wondering if he might see the same dawning or setting of the sun from day to day. “And each evening the sunset was different from the other sunsets,” he reported. “No one sunrise mimics the other.”

God-given uniqueness also is found in snowflakes and human eyes, West said, addressing the assembly’s theme — “Come and See.”

Humans like to “lump us all together” as certain kinds of people, he continued. “We may be one in commonality in Christ but we are as different as the sunrise and the sunset. … We are wonderfully different.”

Similar differences in personalities are found in the New Testament, including in the sermon text drawn from John 1:35-51, he said. Speaking of the earliest followers of Jesus, he noted: “Some were looking for something good and discovered someone better.”

All “were asking life’s big questions” and “left what is good because they had found someone better.”

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Source: Baptist News Global