High School Football Player Age 17 Kills Himself in the Middle of the Night After Fleeing From Scene of Crash That Killed His 16-year-old Friend and Injured an 18-year-old Girl

A teenager took his own life after he fled the scene of a car crash that killed his best friend.

Tyler Zook, a 17-year-old high school football player from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, killed himself in the middle of the night.

Hours earlier, Zook had been in a crash that left his teammate 16-year-old Tyreese ‘Ty’ Smith, dead, and injured Amalie Wendt, 18. The car the teens were in belonged to Wendt’s father.

It is not known who was driving the car, a Hyundai Santa Fe, at the time of the incident.

The vehicle, which police say appeared to have been speeding, veered off into a field, rolling several times before coming to a stop on its side at around midnight on Saturday.

Smith died of mechanical asphyxia due to multiple traumatic injuries in the crash. His death was ruled accidental.

Zook appears to have fled the scene and taken his own life less than two hours later when he was back home.

The Coroner’s Office confirmed Zook’s death was suicide.

Zook was an offensive lineman and defensive lineman in the team’s Class of 2023, according to the Lancaster Daily Voice.

Both Zook and Smith worked at a local Sonic Drive-In on East Lincoln Highway. Smith had been on shift on Friday night from 6pm and left at around 11:30pm.

The pair were also football players at Conestoga Valley Senior High School.

Zook had just finished his junior year while Smith had completed his sophomore year.

The two had been friends for almost ten years with Smith meeting Zook playing football when he was six-years-old.

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Source: Daily Mail