Bishop of Salisbury Stephen Lake Gives Away £10,000 During His Inauguration Service

The new Bishop of Salisbury gave away £10,000 during his welcome service. Rt Revd Stephen Lake who was recently appointed gave each person in attendance £10 last Sunday.

Using the parable of the ten talents in the Bible he encouraged those at his inauguration service to use their resources to be a blessing to people and for the good of the kingdom of God.

He said: “If it can’t be done in the Salisbury Diocese, it can’t be done… well it can be done, and it starts now.”

Then each member of the audience were handed out envelopes with £10 inside. Two anonymous donors gave a total of £10,000 to make the idea possible.

“This is your talent,” Bishop Stephen said, “What will you do with it? Will you bury it, save it, or make it grow so that good can come from this?”

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Source: Premier Christian News