Michigan Babysitter Accused of Murdering 23-Month-Old Boy


A babysitter in Michigan is behind bars after allegedly murdering a 23-month-old boy left in her care.

WDIV-TV, citing police, reports 21-year-old Kimora Launmei Hodges — who had babysat the boy on and off for the past two months — was watching him at his Roseville, Mich., apartment on June 13 while his mother was at work, when Hodges allegedly physically abused him.

Following the alleged beating, Hodges called the boy’s mother, 18-year-old Taylor Starks, to tell her he did not appear normal after ingesting soap. Hodges said the boy was having an allergic reaction, police said.


A call was reportedly placed to 911, and WJBK-TV reports that Starks rushed home.

“Once I made it there, my baby was on the ground having seizure, after seizure, after seizure,” she told the station.

The boy was transported to the hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery.

“He had blunt force trauma to the head, and he was bleeding out his ears and had to have immediate brain surgery,” Starks said. “All I know is she threw my son into the wall and shook him up pretty bad, and they said that’s just a bit of what she did to him.”

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Tristan Balagtas