How to Print Personalized Balloons

If you want something unusual as a main highlight of the décor, consider ordering customized balloons. These decoration items can turn any celebration into an unforgettable event. Printed balloons can transform your birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries into a memorable day pumping positive vibes into the party. Printed latex or mylar balloons are a great solution to promote the brand at corporate events, grand openings, trade shows, etc.

How We Print On Balloons

If you have already set up your mind to designing a customized balloon, believe it or not, printing may be effortless and funny. Modern digital technologies have simplified the printing process significantly. Let’s explore the significant steps you will need to undertake on your way to the incredibly appealing personalized balloons or logo balloons.

Decide On the Design of the Balloons

Initially, you should have a clear understanding of what you want to have on a printed balloon. It can be a picture, a logo, a message, or a combination of any of them. Of course, a set of elements to print will depend on the nature of the event. If you aim to advertise your service or product, you will put a logo on the customized balloon.

Printed wedding balloons will add a personal touch to the celebration. For example, a happy couple may order their photo printed on a giant latex balloon. The guests can surprise the newlyweds by presenting congratulations messages on the bright printed mylar balloons.

Go for a Certain Balloon Shape

The widespread balloon shapes embrace the traditional round, heart, or star-shaped balloons. If you are planning to organize the kids’ party, personalized cartoon balloons will be favored by little guests. Printed mylar or latex balloons in the shape of fairytale characters, animals, or superheroes will add dynamic presence as kids can play with these balloons.

Select a Balloon Size and Color

The optimal size usually depends on two factors: how big the venue is and how visible printed balloons should be. Smaller balloons (11 and 12 sizes) will be suitable for indoor parties. Large latex or foil printed balloons (24 and 36 sizes) are perfect for significant outdoor promotional events. Companies can print personalized-sized mylar balloons on demand.

As for the colors, you should decide on color palette of the balloon and a text or an image on it. Professionals know which ink is seen clearer on specific balloons. For instance, various inks of warm colors can show up ideally on dark-colored surface.

Printing Tools

A necessary element can be put on the balloon surface by applying a screen printing technique. This technology demands latex balloons should be printed filled, and mylar balloons, on the contrary, deflated. The colors of a required design are imprinted on the balloon surface one at a time. The screen is put on a balloon, and the color ink is pressed through it onto a balloon to produce a necessary image or text. The more colors you need, the more screens you would use. Luckilly, some modern machines allow to print even three or four colors on a balloon at the same time.