Here We Go: Baptist Union of Great Britain Is Considering Allowing Ministers to “Marry” a Same-sex Partner

The Baptist Assembly opening celebration in 2017

The Baptist Union of Great Britain has revealed it is “reflecting on a request” to change its rules around same sex marriage for its accredited ministers.

In a communication with its churches, it confirmed a request was made in 2020 by 70 members – the majority of which are ministers

The request asked that the Ministerial Recognition Rules be changed to remove a line which says that marriage is defined as “exclusively between a man and a woman”.

That change would mean that any minister who married their same sex partner would no longer be committing gross misconduct and therefore have their accreditation revoked.

In a long letter addressing the issue, Baptist Union general secretary Lynn Green said: “It is this question that has arisen from the grassroots that now needs to be responded to by us nationally.

“The process of doing this was begun at Baptist Union Council in March because Council is responsible for approving any changes to the Ministerial Recognition Rules.

“Council is very aware of the significance of any possible change and is committed to creating a process that considers and responds to this question in a way that reflects the whole of our Baptist movement.

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Source: Premier Christian News