Will A Second Jesus People Movement Spring From Cotton Bowl Stadium?

In the stadium evangelists Billy Graham and Bill Bright rallied 70,000 during the Jesus People Movement five decades ago, the Cotton Bowl in Texas will soon host another massive gathering of Jesus people led by a man equally passionate about the Gospel.

Nick Hall, founder of the ministry Pulse, is bringing Together `22 to Dallas on June 24-25, the 50-year anniversary of Explo`72.

A historic gathering in 1972, Explo `72 drew 10,000 people onto the field to give their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The enthusiastic response to gospel presentations by Graham and Bright was soon published on the cover of Life Magazine with the headline, “The Great Jesus Rally in Dallas.”

Together `22 hopes to duplicate the best of Explo `72 – a presentation of the Gospel, equipping the saints, and serving people – for two days with scores of speakers and artists including Tony Evans, Francis Chan, LaCrae, Chris Tomlin and Dallas Jenkins.

The hope is that as people come together – all 50 states are represented – they will then carry the message of the Gospel back to their families, neighbors, states and nations.

“More than we need an event, we need an encounter with the Most High God,” Hall says in a Facebook post, asking supporters to pray for tens of thousands who are coming to Together `22.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Steve Rees