Daniel Whyte III Who Repeatedly Predicted the Coronavirus Plague Over 10 Years Before it Happened and Many Other Things Without Any of His “Words Falling to the Ground” Predicts Severe Persecution and Tribulation Upon Himself and He is Ready for it and Will Wear it as a Badge of Honor

Daniel Whyte III, Who Predicted the Coronavirus Plague and the Chaos it has caused in the World Today and the Chastisement and Rebuke of the Church by the Lord and the Judgment of God Upon the Nation, and the World Over 10 Years Before It Happened and Predicted It Repeatedly Over a 10 Year Period by Repeatedly Saying God Is Lovingly, Mercifully, Graciously, and Slowrollingly Dismantling and Destroying America. And as He Has Said From the Pulpit Several Times Over the Past Two Months Without Knowing Any Details, He Now Predicts From a Persistent Check in His Spirit That Persecution and Tribulation Is Coming His Way. You Cannot Preach Like Daniel Whyte III Has Preached Especially Over the Last Nearly 12 Years and Over the Past 7 Years He Has Preached the Gospel and the Whole Counsel of God Nearly Every Day and Not Get Enemies. He Does Not Know Exactly What It Is. All He Knows Is What God Has Told Him in His Spirit That Something Negative Is Brewing Against Him and Whatever Might Happen, Whether He Dies Prematurely Because He Is Doing Quite Well Healthwise, or a False Accusation, He is Thankful to the Lord That as God Told Him and as He Passed Onto You That He Has Finished His Course and He Has Kept the Faith and It Is Time to at Least Move on to Another Country Where It Is Written in the Law That Homosexuality Is a Sin, an Abomination, Against Nature, and a Crime. If Anything Happens, He Wants You to Know the 3 Reasons Why It Is Either Dead or Falsely Accused and Entangled in Some Lying Foolishness.

1. Due to the Way He Has Preached He Has Gained Many Enemies. Many of the Enemies Come From the homosexual community or the So-called LGBTQI+ Community, Sad to Say Mostly in the Church, and So-called Inclusive Pastors Such as Andy Stanley, Otis Moss III, and Their Ilk.

2. Women in the Church Including in His Own Family Who Cannot Stand the Fact That He Insists That a Wife Ought to Submit and Obey Her Husband, Otherwise Don’t Get Married and Also Because He Does Not Believe That Women Ought to Be Pastors of Churches or Preaching Over Men or Even Doing Co-preaching or Co-pastoring Which Many Churches Are Set Up That Way Now.

3. He Is Also Hated by Some Pastors Because of How He Has Strongly Rebuked Them for Allowing Our Churches, Our Country, and Our Families to Get Into This Mess in the First Place With Divorce, Remarriage, Side Pieces, Adultery, and Swinging in the Church and Now Through Allowing Homosexual Couples in the Church. Granted, Some People Simply Did Not Like the Way He Said It. As He Has Said Before, God Has Granted Him the Privilege of a Lifetime to Try to Save the Church and Save This Country From Dying Prematurely and Has Given Him and His Children While Growing Up in His Home the Journey and Privilege of a Lifetime and He Thanks His Children for Helping Him in the Ministry Down Through the Years. He Appeals to Them Now That They Are Grown Not to Fall Into the Hands of Those Who Promote Homosexuality and Who Are Homosexuals Themselves or the People in the Church They Are in That Is a So-called Inclusive Church That Accepts Homosexuals as members and to Not Turn Against Their Father Who Raised Them Himself Without the Proper Help of Their Mother. The Same Children When They Were Younger and Had Pure Hearts Called Me the Father and Mother Because Their Mother did not want to say I love you and Did Not want to Hug Them and Care for Them as she should. So Whatever Is Brewing Against Him He Prays That It Would Cease. However, He Is at Peace With Whatever Happens Because He Knows He Did the Best He Could to Help the Church Avoid This and Help the Church Get Through This and He Is at Complete Peace With Death and Being Falsely Accused of Something and Will Wear It as a Badge of Honor Throughout Eternity as All Prophets in the Past Including Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He Is Thankful to the Lord That His Wife of Over 30 Years Meriqua White Who Has by Her Own Admission Not Been a Good Wife and Mother Surprisingly Is Not Involved in Any Demonic Plots Against Her Husband. This Has Been a Glorious Run and He Gives God All the Glory, Praise, and Honor and Hopes You Will Continue to Pray for Him and Support Him as He Continues to Preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Whole Counsel of God by Any Means Necessary

Not only did Daniel Whyte III put this article together but here is a transcript of him preaching about it.

As I have already told you, as a prophet, as an evangelist, as a gospel preacher, you don’t preach like God is giving me the privilege to preach, and not have a whole bunch of enemies. So for the record, do not be surprised if you don’t hear something negative about Daniel Whyte III going down in the very near future. Don’t be shocked, because over the years, because of the preaching that God has had me to do, I have made many enemies. First of all, you need to know and understand that there is a demonic spirit of Judas in the world.

There is a demonic spirit of Judas and betrayal that I believe is in my wife and in her line of the family that has come down, not only through my wife but even in some of my children. I have a child with my wife that I nicknamed Judas when I had to because he had the same spirit as his mother and a Judas spirit of trying to hinder the ministry for some reason. And it was not really her or him because we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. We were able to stay together as a couple and as a family because I never saw it as them doing it. That demonic spirit of Judas, it doesn’t matter where it came from.

I didn’t know what it was in the beginning, but I came off the road because my wife was not taking good care of my first child with her Daniella Danni Whyte. I traveled all over the world preaching the gospel before I met her, which she knew and I was going to continue to do so, and if we did that we would have been better off financially. It was nothing to go speak in one meeting and get a love offering of a thousand dollars back in the eighties. I came off the road, but I was going to continue to preach. I started a church and I would have her do the program, and I would proofread what she presented to me before she printed it. And then the next day she had changed the numbers on the songs, on the hymns and changed some words and put misspellings on the program. She did this repeatedly, and I realized that she was doing it on purpose to try to hinder the services. I had never experienced that before, and I thought she would be happy that we were starting a church and from all indications she was. But for some reason, she did things to try to sabotage and hinder these services.

I had a child who did the same thing when he got older (my oldest son Daniel IV). So don’t be shocked that the devil won’t even use a family member or two or three family members to try to cause a problem for me, maybe because they have friends who are homosexuals and they’re influencing them. I know my daughter (Daniella Danni White) told me that the church she attends called One Church in McKinney/Plano, Texas, where the pastor believes like Andy Stanley, that homosexuals ought to be a part of the church and ought to be members of the church. They are young people and so there’s no telling how they can be influenced by other people in their church who believe that demonic foolishness. And this is one of the groups that I’ve made many enemies with outside of family members. My greatest enemies are in the church. They are pastors who preach what is a very nice but deceptive word: inclusive.

Well, we should have been inclusive for the past 2000 years and we are inclusive. The church is inclusive because it belongs to Jesus Christ and homosexuals can attend as they are, but they cannot become members of the church, just like an adulterer or an adulteress can’t become members of the church. But that is where the homosexuals have the church because half of the couples in the church are divorced and remarried. So as far as they’re concerned, you don’t have a leg to stand on. My greatest enemies are in my household and my greatest enemies are in the church. Pastors who believe in this demonic foolishness are very persistent and I’m afraid some of them are secret homosexuals on the down-low with their wives to hide behind so that they can keep their pastorate. I have been preaching against these hypocrites for years and they hate my guts and they will even try to tinker with my family to try to cause a problem. And then I have family members who have been demonically influenced to turn against me. In this day and time, our sweet evangelical Christian charismatic Methodist Presbyterian church, you are not supposed to have any problems like that in your family and your life if you are doing God’s will. But that is contrary to the Bible. Matthew 10:36 says, “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” Mark 6:4 says, “But Jesus, said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.”

Well, in the words of Bishop Daniel White Jr., my dad who is in heaven right now, that is ass-backward and it is not biblical. From Genesis to Revelation, the prophets of God have been put in jail for no reason, turned on by their families, put in straits and predicaments, targeted for persecution, and even killed. Now that is the real Bible and you don’t have to read much to see it. You’ll see that Moses, the great prophet of God, had family members turn against him. Church members turned against him. That’s just the way it is. It comes with the territory when you are used by God like that. But there’s something deep down in a prophet of God that no matter what happens, we’re not turning away from God and we’re not turning away from God’s word. And so if you must hate me, hate me. So not only do I have some family members who turned against me, not only do I have church folk and church pastors who turned against me and who hate my guts, I have church pastors and pastor’s wives who don’t hate me for the preaching against homosexuality. They hate me because I believe in the biblical principle that men are in charge in the family and the church and the woman is not, and they hate my guts and they’re trying their best to twist the mind of one of my daughters and trying to twist our family to turn against me and to try to stop me. They thought they could do it by just hating me and telling other people not to listen to me and stuff like that. I have not stopped. If you understood a prophet called by God, that’s going to make him preach even harder against the sin because he knows that he is right based upon the word of God.

I had my mother-in-law and her sister come as a team in a surprise visit after they didn’t do anything for their grandchildren for years and they had an opportunity to even raise their grandchildren at one point a long time ago. But now that they hear that I’m preaching the truth regarding women and about my wife, they want to try to turn the hearts of my children that I raised by myself against me and are trying to get my wife to leave me. That’s some satanic foolishness. They tried to pull that stunt and they were shocked that my wife was not going along with it. Don’t be shocked if you hear a report that Daniel White III is dead all of a sudden or that he has been arrested on false accusations.

I made many other enemies because I’ve called them out as false prophets and false pastors, such as Andy Stanley. I have no regrets over that. Otis Moss III is another one. These are popular young pastors, who quite frankly are full of hell and the devil, leading the church to adopt homosexuality, homosexual marriage in the church, homosexuals in the pulpit and leading the choir and the music in church. You may ask, well preacher didn’t you know that there were homosexuals in the choir before all of this? Yes, I know that, but they were in the closet and they knew better and the church should have kept them in the closet and they could have but they chose not to because I’m convinced that some of these preachers are secret homosexuals themselves.

Now, this is my opinion. You can like it or lump it. I know it’s going to shock the world, but it is my opinion that Andy Stanley is a secret homosexual. That’s what I believe. That’s my opinion. I hope that’s not the case, but for him to be so persistent in trying to make the church accept this and trying to get pastors to buy into this, there’s something wrong. The homosexual community wants you to accept homosexuals and drag queens to be with your children even in the church. It has already happened. They are trying to make this a real thing where they are going to demand a homosexual drag queen, in the nursery or Sunday school, teaching your children. They already got your children in the library and the school — these monsters. This is Halloween every day with these men dressed up as women. If you are not upset about that and not worried about that, you have never been born again. You’re not saved. You don’t know God and you don’t know Jesus Christ for yourself. And some of you people taking your children to see these devils, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Even some lost people have better sense than that.

Don’t be shocked that Daniel Whyte III is killed by the evangelical mafia who want me to be quiet, or in jail with some trumped-up charges created by the devil and Judas to look legit because it may come from my friends and family members. Don’t be shocked. I’m not even worried about you believing it. I have no concern about that at all. One time, my wife lied on me and tried to cause a problem many years ago, and nobody believed it. I didn’t say a word about it publicly. Nobody believed her and it all backfired on her and God put her in jail and she never forgot it. That’s another reason why she’s still here. It’s like that Bible passage, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. By the grace of God, she has not done that again.

I am nowhere near Jesus, but I am following his model. He predicted and told his disciples what was going to happen to him before it happened. They were going to arrest Him and crucify Him, and they couldn’t believe it. He told them that one of the reasons why he told them that is because he wants them to know that He was still Jesus. When that happened, He was still going to be Jesus. He’s still the son of God. So don’t be shocked by these things. Don’t lose your faith in the Lord. Some of them did, and they scattered. But I am just letting you know, that’s the model I’m following. And when I am falsely accused after preaching, like I have been preaching as a prophet for the past seven to twelve years now, almost every day, I’m not going to be shocked. I don’t want you to be shocked when you hear that Daniel Whyte III was arrested or murdered. I already know where all my enemies are. The false evangelical mafia will love to kill me. The homosexuals have tried to kill me. So don’t be shocked if I’m dead. I’ll be in a better place.

If I have to go to jail for no reason, I am going to be glad to do it. It is going to be a vacation for me, as long as they put me in a private cell somewhere. I’m just going to write my memoirs and pray and fast and read the Bible and rejoice in Jesus. I’m telling you upfront and ahead of time. I’ve been dealing with the satanic Judas spirit for 34 years since I met my wife, and stuff like that passes on to your children. It is a spirit of demonic betrayal. I am not going to be hurt because I am already dead. I preach the way I preach because I am already dead. You can’t do anything to me. Jesus is the one who is putting that in my heart to do and say the things that I have predicted and prophesied. That’s not me. That’s God. Only God can tell you stuff in advance.

It was God who led me to prophesy about the queen of England, to prophesy about president Obama, to prophesy about president Trump, to prophesy to president Biden, to prophesy about Andy Stanley, to prophesy about what’s going on in Otis Moss III’s life, to address Ed Stetzer, to encourage Russell Moore to step up and to step in about stuff where I don’t know the conversations they may have had, to predict stuff about the downfall of Hillsong’s pastor Brian Houston, a man that I lovingly tried to tell to resign multiple times before he had to resign. Where did that authority come from? I just told T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen that they need to sit John Gray down. It would be wrong for me to deal with all of that and not predict to you the prophecy that God gave me about myself and my own family. I didn’t know anything was going on. God told me.

It has nothing to do with my announcement that I would like to move away from this country. I would like to move away from this country that I love very much because I love Aldi, I love H.E.B., and I love the Krogers in my neighborhood. I love the Walmart in my neighborhood. I love Traders Joe’s. I love Whole Foods. I love all of these things and where I will move to, I won’t be able to get all of these. I love America. I have been to many countries in the world, and I love where I live. It’s the quietest place in the world and it’s in America.

We can go out at any time of the day. We don’t see anybody go out at night. We don’t have neighbors who like to sit outside and gossip and talk and look at you. It is peaceful and quiet. I don’t want to move. I love it here. Now that I am going into another phase in my life, the empty nest, I could fulfill my dream of serving as a chaplain in a veteran’s hospital. The jobs are more plentiful now because many of the chaplains, doctors, and nurses have died at the veteran’s hospital due to the coronavirus plague. I could get paid to pray for people and visit people and encourage people and lead people to Jesus. The problem is that I am not calling a man by a woman’s name. I’m not calling him or her by their pronouns that she or he chooses that God did not choose. And if I don’t do that, they are not going to hire me or they are going to fire me as soon as I say that I am not doing it. That’s how this system has been defiled and it is across the board. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten invitations to sit on a board and to become a chaplain and get paid big money. But the money doesn’t mean anything to me. I can’t do that. Some of you sweet evangelicals want to do that. I don’t want to be a part of it. I’m not going to be a part of that abomination and that lie.

Let me say something to Mr. Ed Litton right now. Do not try to put Dr. Tony Evans in the mess that you have going on with Andy Stanley and J.D. Greear, because he is not going to do that. It’s not about him. It’s about the God in him and it’s about the Word of God put in him. When you start talking crazy like that, Bible verses will be coming up in his mind automatically. He will be checking out as soon as you try to pull that mess.

Anyway, don’t be shocked and don’t be surprised. I don’t know anything about it. I have not received any letters. I have some family members who are extremely quiet all of a sudden. They are not as communicative as they used to be for some reason, and normally when that is the case, there is something brewing.

But I say with the Beatles, “let it be” and we’ll see what God is going to do about it. I want to say to my family members, don’t do anything that will permanently damage your relationship on your end. Not on my end, on your end. You will be so ashamed, and you should be right now. Whatever the plot is or the attack or persecution that you are trying to do, If I were you, I would call it off. Do not do stuff that is going to hurt you for the rest of your life. Most of all, do not do anything that is going to offend God, because God is going to take his blessings off of you. Do not think that He will not do so, because he has and he will.

If what Daniel Whyte III is predicting is going to happen begins to go forward he humbly and respectfully asks Dr. Tony Evans, if the Lord leads him, to step in and investigate and get to the bottom of whatever the issue is and do as the Lord leads him.