Police in India Severely Beat Christian Pastor for Singing Hymns During Family Devotional

Almost two months after police in India pulled a Christian pastor from his grandmother’s home, tied him to a tree, and severely beat him, threats from officers and other individuals have kept him from filing a complaint, according to sources.

Morning Star News reports Pastor Pravesh Kumar, 26, of Amamahua, Uttar Pradesh state was visiting a sick uncle at his grandmother’s house in nearby Bhais Khur village on April 22 when police arrested him after a Hindu neighbor videotaped them singing during a family devotional on the roof.

The neighbor sent the video to the police after recording it from another rooftop. When the officers arrived on the scene, they questioned Kumar about his visit and why the family was singing.

When he explained that they were singing hymns, the officers told him they were arresting him on suspicion of forcible conversion because hymns were part of converting people, Kumar told Morning Star News.

“They completely ignored the fact that the family we were visiting were all followers of Christ,” he said.

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Source: CBN