How The US Is Helping Ukraine Fight Russia

On Thursday, February, 24th 2022 the Ukraine people woke up to bombs and sirens and sheer panic on the streets, Russia had invaded Ukraine. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin at the time described the invasion as a special military exercise and forbade any interference from Nato. More than 3 months later and chaos remains, families separated, loved ones dead and many people homeless and destitute dependent upon any external aid and donations.

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues the US has been sending aid for security, humanitarian and economic assistance. To date, the US has contributed greater than $1 billion dollars to support Ukraine soldiers over the past year and has pledged to send more. The US has sent weapons and ammunition in order to support the Ukraine soldiers and has donated $10 billion to the Ukrainian military.

As the crimes against human rights continue, there seems to be no end in sight. As the Russians continue with their invasion it will become more difficult to get aid to the military and fleeing citizens. Especially ammunition and weapons that are needed quickly. The US is unable to fly planes directly over the Ukrainian airspace and will only be able to send smaller weapon systems over land. It is this same route that Ukrainians fleeing the conflict are taking in order to escape the war and the same route from which desperately needed Aid packages arrive. Including your donations and care packages, sent from all over the US, that are delivered to the Ukrainian people, the bare necessities of what they need to live: food, clothes, and medicines.

As the war continues your donations will become more and more important. So please continue to send your donations to the Slava Foundation, without your selfless aid, the Ukrainian people will be unable to survive. When you donate to Ukraine refugees you are giving them a chance to survive this awful conflict. This Ukraine foundation will accept any donations gratefully and thankfully. Help Ukraine and support Ukraine soldiers fighting this awful war.