Indonesian Shaman Leaves Bloody Past Behind for Peace of Christ

A shaman in Indonesia, Farel Wati*, had quit his life as a robber and drug seller five years ago, but he still had no peace.

Wati had also killed three people.

Recently he was making an honest living and earning good money at a time when many were facing economic hardship, but Wati still felt deeply troubled.

His brother-in-law had come to faith in Christ through a local missionary, and Wati invited the worker and others from the ministry to his house to talk with him and his family about Christ, the ministry leader said. When the local missionaries showed up, they found 40 people at the house.

“All of them responded to our preaching and wanted to be baptized,” the leader said. “Wati and several others were baptized the next day, and the rest of the people were baptized in groups throughout the month.”

“He also confessed the sins he had committed, namely killing at least three people and shooting eight others.”

Many of those present handed over their amulets and other trinkets of sorcery to be burned, and Wati gave up his loaded gun and kris blade, a dagger regarded as a talisman with magical powers.

“He also confessed the sins he had committed in the past, namely killing at least three people and shooting eight others,” the ministry leader said. “He has found the peace he had been looking for when he received the forgiveness of his sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.’

Wati has diligently studied God’s Word with the native ministry’s church planters.

“Those who knew him have seen a change in his life, and he has begun to influence them,” the leader said.

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission