Colorado Springs Walgreens Employee, 28, ‘Murders his Coworker, 17, After she Turned Down his advances and Complained to Supervisors he was Making her Feel Uncomfortable’

A Walgreens employee reportedly murdered his coworker after she turned him down and complained to the supervisors that he made her feel uncomfortable.

Riley Whitelaw, 17, was found inside the breakroom at a Colorado Springs Walgreens on June 11 by a manager after the teen failed to return from her break around 7pm. She was reported gone for at least 90 minutes before anyone looked for her, according to Mercury News.

Her coworker Joshua Johnson, 28, has now been arrested in connection with her death, Buzzfeed News reported.

Johnson was arrested on June 12 around 100 miles away from Colorado Springs and he has been charged with first-degree murder.

Police arrived at the scene on June 11 shortly before 7pm and found Whitelaw’s body inside and pronounced her dead on the scene. She was reportedly surrounded by a significant amount of blood and had trauma to her neck area.

Her blood was splattered on the floor, cabinets, and counter in the breakroom, Buzzfeed News reported.

Walgreens Manager Justin Zunino, who found her body, told police that Johnson had been told to leave Whitelaw alone about a year ago after she had complained he had made advances toward her and her uncomfortable, the affidavit said.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Alyssa Guzman