Chicago Police Officer Shoots Dead Man Who Charged at Him With an Ax After Pulling Up in His Car During a Traffic Stop

This is the moment a man pulled up next to a cop conducting a traffic stop in Chicago, pulled out a huge ax and charged at him before he was shot dead.

The officer was conducting a traffic stop at 11 a.m. on June 3 when an unrelated grey car pulled up next to a black Honda that the officer had pulled over, according to the Naperville Police Department.

‘Who are you, dude?’ the police officer asks on the video as the suspect, who has since been identified as 28-year-old Edward Samaan, opens the front door of his car before shutting it.

Seconds later, Samaan finally exits his vehicle to charge at the officer with an axe in his hand, footage shows.

The officer fired his gun several times, striking the suspect, police said.

‘I’ve just been attacked, shots fired, shots fired!’ the officer shouts in his radio. He then orders Samaan to stay on the ground and to not move while he he points his gun at him.

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Source: Daily Mail