As Conditions Worsen in Latin America, Perseverance is Key

In the face of COVID-19, lightning strikes, mountains of paperwork and, on top of everything else, violent villagers who stonewall the gospel, stamina has become a key requisite for those advancing God’s kingdom in Latin America.

Behind the grit on display in local missionaries is not super-human stamina, though, but otherworldly faith in the God who has saved and sustained them – the kind that enabled a worker in Bolivia to approach a young man in an Andean community, Pablo, whose drunken rages had driven his family to another house.

“Every time Pablo got drunk, he went home and hit his wife and children,” the leader of the native ministry said.

The worker managed to get Pablo to open the door and listen to the gospel. Soon Pablo let him know that he had worn out his welcome.

Whenever the worker shared the gospel, Simon either retreated into another room or left the house altogether.

The worker wasn’t sure it was wise to return, but after praying for Pablo for a month, he had a deep understanding that while salvation is impossible with man, with God all things are possible. Focused on the Lord rather than the lost, he went back to the house where Pablo was living alone, without his family.

“He returned after a month, and Pablo told our missionary that he wanted to repent of his sins and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior,” the ministry leader said. “Pablo was discipled, and the Lord delivered him from alcoholism. When seeing this change of life, the wife of Pablo and his children also gave their lives to Christ.”

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission