Jesus Heals Woman from Lifetime of Torment from Satanic Ritual Sexual Abuse

WARNING: The story you’re about to read is a story of tremendous redemption, but it does involve horrific abuse. The graphic descriptions are disturbing and not suitable for children.

Jennifer Bonnette was just a child when she was forced to take part in satanic rituals at the hands of her very own parents.

Jennifer remembers, “There was sexual things that I had to do. There was sexual things that I’ve seen, and there was sacrifices that I’d seen. I hated myself. I didn’t know who I was. I felt so alone.”

The childhood memories come in bits and pieces for Jennifer – it’s the bad ones, those twisted in satanic rituals she wishes she could forget.

Jennifer shares, “I remember a black curtain, and we’re going down through a corridor. The smell was like a death and sweat. I remember pentagrams up on the wall. The glasses that we would drink blood from. I would get raped quite often. It’s just a matter of blocking and blacking it out.”

It was Jennifer’s parents, who subjected her to satanic rituals, which included being raped often by a close relative. By eight years old, Jennifer was cutting her body in hopes the abuse would stop, but it didn’t.

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Source: CBN