Thousands Travel to Texas to be Extras in Feeding of the 5,000 Scene for “The Chosen” Series

Noah James, who plays “Andrew” in the series, “The Chosen,” hands bread to a hungry woman while filming the Biblical scene of Jesus Christ feeding the 5,000 on the film’s set in Midlothian, Texas. | The Chosen

Thousands of people dressed in Biblical costumes have been gathering in a Texas field this week.

An estimated 12,000 men, women and children from 36 countries and all 50 states have journeyed to Midlothian, Texas, to be extras over several days in “The Chosen” as the faith-based series films scenes of Jesus Christ feeding the 5,000, according to a news release.

“The majority of the people here have made their own costumes. They’ve come at their own expense to be here,” Derral Eves, CEO and executive producer of “The Chosen” told “It’s really great to see the diversity of costumes and the diversity of people, and it’s just a blessing to see all the support.”

Thousands of extras, including men, women and children from 36 countries and all 50 states have gathered in Texas to be part of filming of Jesus feeding the 5,000 for “The Chosen,” Season 3. | The Chosen

“It has been an unforgettable two days filming the ‘Feeding of the 5,000’ with you,” “The Chosen” posted on its Facebook page Thursday, accompanied by the hashtag “#F5K.”

Some of the extras also posted photos on social media.

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SOURCE; Deseret News, Trent Toone