Survey Says Americans Feel Relaxed for Just 40 Minutes a Day

Americans only feel relaxed for about 40 minutes a day. A new poll asked 2,000 Americans about their self-care habits and shows that while the average respondent only feels relaxed for less than an hour, 47 percent feel even less relaxed than that.

More than half of respondents say self-care is a priority for them and 72 percent report that, over the last two years, they’ve taken a greater interest in their self-care routines. In fact, respondents are devoting over 200 hours a year to self-care. While the average respondent spends 38 minutes on themselves every day, 15 percent spend more than an hour on self-care.

Learning to chill out

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Sensodyne, the survey finds that regardless of how much time respondents spend on self-care routines, everyone defines self-care as something different. The survey revealed that respondents’ top self-care routines include treating themselves to workouts (36%), listening to music (35%), and going for walks (33%).

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SOURCE: Study Finds, Chris Melore