Stifling heatwave grips central United States

Summer does not officially begin until Tuesday, June 21, but the hottest weather in years already set records across a large part of the United States this week.

Parts of Chicago reached triple digits for the first time in nearly a decade as extreme heat gripped the midwestern U.S. The Windy City was actually somewhat windy Tuesday, but those breezes provided little relief from the heat. The temperature climbed to 100 degrees F at Chicago Midway International Airport, located right outside of the city, making it the first 100-degree reading at the airport since July 25, 2012.

Chicago Midway Airport was the only location in the immediate Chicago area to reach 100 degrees F, but other places in the city topped out in the upper 90s. The triple-digit reading at Midway, however, won’t rewrite any pages in Chicago’s record book because it’s not the city’s official weather reporting site.

That distinction goes to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, where temperatures peaked at 98 degrees F Tuesday. The last time the thermometer showed a reading over 98 F at O’Hare was about a decade ago when the temperature reached 99 F on June 25, 2012.

The unusual warmth was not just a daytime occurrence as the low temperature at O’Hare Tuesday night made it down to 81 F, which is the typical high temperature for June 15.

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Source: Accuweather