Navy Fires Four Commanding Officers and Senior Enlisted Adviser in Less Than One Week Dur to ‘Loss of Confidence’

(From left to right, clockwise) Command Master Chief Earl Sanders, Cmdr. Matthew McCormick, Cmdr. Peter Lesaca, Cmdr. Devine Johnson, and Capt. Jeffry Sandin

The US Navy has dismissed four commanding officers and a senior enlisted adviser in less than one week due to “loss of confidence,” a strikingly short timeframe for such disciplinary action.

On Tuesday, the Navy announced it was relieving Cmdr. Peter Lesaca — of the destroyer USS Preble — of his duties “due to loss of confidence in his ability to command.” — a vague statement used to describe anything from a personality clash to sexual harassment to a DUI arrest.

““The U.S. Navy has long maintained high standards for all its personnel and those who fall short are held accountable,” the service told The Post in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “Commanders and other triad members, in particular, are meticulously screened and selected for their proven technical abilities and demonstrated character traits that signal they are ready to assume the authority and responsibility that accompany those positions.

“Trust and confidence – both with the American people we are sworn to protect and across all levels of the chain-of-command – is the key to mission accomplishment and our effectiveness as a force,” the statement added. “When members in the command lose confidence in senior leaders, the decision to remove them from their positions of leadership is warranted.”

“Navy commanding officers are held to high standards of personal and professional conduct,” the Navy said in a statement. “They are expected to uphold the highest standards of responsibility, reliability and leadership, and the Navy holds them accountable when they fall short of these standards.”

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SOURCE: New York Post, Callie Patteson