James Patterson Apologizes for Saying ‘White Older Male Writers’ Face ‘Racism’

Crime novelist James Patterson has issued an apology Tuesday following a prior remark on racism.

Speaking to the UK’s Sunday Times this weekend, Patterson said that “white older male writers” aren’t getting hired for “writing gigs in film, theatre, TV or publishing” right now — claiming the phenomenon is “just another form of racism.”

“What’s that all about? Can you get a job? Yes. Is it harder? Yes. It’s even harder for older writers. You don’t meet many 52-year-old white males,” he insisted.

However, he is now taking that back.

“I apologize for saying white male writers having trouble finding work is a form of racism,” Patterson, 75, offered on Facebook Tuesday.

“I absolutely do not believe that racism is practiced against white writers. Please know that I strongly support a diversity of voices being heard — in literature, in Hollywood, everywhere.”

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SOURCE: New York Post, Erin Keller