Fears for Tom Hanks’ Health as he Appears Unable to Control his Shaking Right Hand While Holding a Microphone and Speaking at Australian Premiere for Baz Luhrmann’s New Elvis Movie

The two-time winner of the best actor Oscar, Hanks delighted the crowd in Gold Coast with his speech referencing filming in their city

Tom Hanks sparked concern among his fans earlier this month, as he appeared to be struggling to contain the shaking of his arm.

The 65-year-old is in the midst of a promotional whirlwind for Baz Luhrmann’s biopic of Elvis, in which Hanks stars as the singer’s manager.

Luhrmann, who was born in Sydney, arranged for an Australian premiere to be held in the city of Gold Coast, 50 miles south of Brisbane, where the filming took place.

Austin Butler, 30, who stars as The King, was at the June 4 event along with Hanks.

‘There is no better place in the world to make a motion picture than right here on the Gold Coast,’ he said, microphone in his right hand, and left hand in his pocket.

‘I’ve shot films in Morocco and Los Angeles and New York City and Seattle and in Berlin.

‘None of them have what the Gold Coast have, and what is that? Two words. None of those other cities have Dan Murphy,’ he said, referencing the chain of liquor stores, Dan Murphy’s.

‘What a man, who I got to know quite well,’ he said, to applause.

As his hand shook, Hanks tried to control it, by placing his left hand at the bottom of the microphone, below his right.

He also attempted briefly to switch hands.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Harriet Alexander