Experts Warn That US Must Act Now in Tech Rivalry With China

Former Pentagon officials are sounding the alarm about the danger of America losing its status as the global leader in technology and innovation.

China is rapidly gaining ground and if action isn’t taken now, it could be too late.

There’s a high-tech battle going on between the U.S. and China with much at stake. Experts are speaking out because of concern that the U.S. isn’t currently competing enough to come out on top.

“We’re getting behind in really the sectors in cyber, AI, ML, that are the most important to win the next battle,” said Nicolas Chaillan, a former chief software officer.

Chaillan filled the role as the first chief software officer of the Air Force and Space Force but resigned in September over his concern regarding U.S. complacency.

“You see China, for example, doing 200 hypersonic launches versus 10 in the United States … that’s obviously very alarming,” explained Chaillan. “Then you hear the chairman of the Joint Staff saying it’s almost a Sputnik moment when it is a Sputnik moment.”

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Source: CBN