Tornado Warnings Issued Throughout Chicago as Winds Reach 90 MPH, Knocking Out Power for Thousands

NWS Chicago

Tornado warnings sounded throughout the Chicago area Monday evening as storms ripped through the region, with winds reportedly reaching up to 90 miles per hour in Chicago and knocking out power to thousands in the area.

More than 53,000 ComEd customers in the Chicago area lost power, with Maywood taking the brunt of the hit, with 44,000 outages, a ComEd spokeswoman said Monday at 8 p.m..

National Weather Service Meteorologist Ricky Castro said that despite the rotational nature of the storm cell, there were no confirmed tornadoes in the area.

“It’s possible there was a tornadoin the northern suburbs, but it’s not something we can conclusively say until we can a get crew to survey the area, that will likely happen Tuesday,” Castro said.

Winds gusted to 84 m.p.h. at O’Hare Airport and 69 m.p.h. at Midway Airport, Castro said.

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SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times