Although, for many, it might be somewhat illogical to Bitcoin Prime unite technology and sport since they are two different aspects that, at specific points, may coincide, both are diversified into entirely different elements.

From the moment the pandemic began and sports organizations suffered the consequences of seeing empty concentration spaces, it was when finances began to become unbalanced and income decreased.

At this moment, digital finances emerged as help and salvation in the face of a looming crisis, and the entire squad of players and athletes would be the main affected.

FAN TOKENS emerge, a new strategy for marketing and managing digital assets for users, fans, and athletes.

Through this new option, fans and those interested in a particular sport, such as soccer, began to acquire them, thus taking advantage of a strategy that allows them to be closer to their sports idols.

Cryptocurrencies and sport a financial option

Faced with the need to revive sports finance in clubs, managers found decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies a profitable option that would allow them to keep the economy of their sports organizations updated over time.

Today, many athletes receive their payments through CRYPTOCURRENCIES. As a result, they can even capitalize on their earnings even more.

From soccer to Formula One, the UFC is now joining in making the payment of its athletes in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies come to create a new business at the sports level where clubs and teams would not only benefit from the sale of tickets to matches or various presentations of them.

With the creation of fan tokens, fans and interested parties will even be able to participate in some of the decisions made by the teams, including having access to the athletes in a more direct way.

Without leaving aside the fact that the various products and services that these large sports companies offer their fans can be purchased.

The UFC and the crypto world

The UFC is the largest organization in martial arts; as of April, they opened the doors to the cryptographic environment, where athletes dedicated to this sports category will benefit.

Through an alliance with the exchange platform, they have created several incentives for UFC athletes; through bonuses converted into fight night tokens, fighters will receive their incentives in Bitcoin.

Although the UFC was already part of the crypto world, it does so in a participatory way involving the fans, who will be in charge of rewarding the fighters of an inevitable fight with bonuses that will be exchanged in cryptocurrencies.

It is another way to encourage and involve the parties that are fundamental today in the development of sports businesses.

Cryptography, blockchain, and tokens have created a new financial and sports integration, where all parties have benefited so far.

The volatility of cryptocurrencies may be their worst enemy, but in no way does it shake the large sports organizations that have placed their trust in an innovative financial system that may be the financial market of the future.

The UFC is the first of the sports categories that involve fans and athletes through bonuses and promotions, which is why the idea of ​​being able to generate income through digital currencies is so interesting.

We have seen over the months that there are already several athletes from the UFC and the NFL who join the option of receiving their monthly payments for fees in cryptocurrencies, where the leading digital currency is Bitcoin, something that does not make anyone miss.

Another way to involve cryptocurrencies with sports is through the sponsorship of teams where various cryptographic exchange platforms have also joined, to be part of the main sponsors of the teams, among which are soccer and F1.


We are in a technological era where all the parts that come together in the world must at least gradually integrate with what technology represents today.

This time it is doing it through finances, one of the most sensitive and vulnerable aspects of organizations worldwideare they sports, entertainment, or market.

We must become participants in a new form of the digital economy where digital currencies absorb many people for their benefit.