Philip Yancey on Why in-Person Church Will Never Go Out of Style: Despite More Online Church Options, Embodied Gathering Will Always Be Relevant – Daniel Whyte III Says It Should Remain Relevant and Be an Option for Godly Remnant 7000 Faithful Few Churches That Stand on the Word of God, Not So-called Churches Full of Adultery, Fornication, and That Welcome Homosexual Couples as Members, Because God Is Tearing Down Those Churches and God Has Caused Many to Die in Those So-called Churches. For Most Churches and Most People It Will Be Wise Going Forward to Worship God With the Corporate Church at Home for the Most Part With the Long Continuance Plagues That Are Still Among Us

An Associated Press poll last year reported that three-quarters of churchgoers in the US plan to resume regular in-person attendance as the pandemic subsides.

The pastors I know are looking out at the empty seats with their fingers crossed, hoping that prediction will eventually come true.

I confess that during the lockdown I rather enjoyed watching church services online while lounging in my bathrobe, sipping coffee, and controlling the pace with a remote. If something failed to hold my interest, I could surf the web in search of better music or a more engaging sermon.

I’m not alone. In the UK, for example, a small percent of the population attends church on average. (The late poet R. S. Thomas, a priest in the Church of Wales, called himself “a vicar of large things in a small parish.”)

Yet a quarter of British adults watched or listened to a religious service during the coronavirus lockdown, and one in 20 said they started praying during the crisis.

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Source: Christianity Today