Florida Man Arrested After Giving Police Surveillance Video He Didn’t Know Showed Him Dragging Woman’s Body Through His Home

William Redden (left) allegedly wrapped the lifeless body of Stephanie Shenefield (right) in a sheet, dragged it to his car and tossed it in a ditch (Picture: Manatee County Sheriff’s Office)

A man has been arrested after providing police with surveillance footage that he did not know recorded him dragging a lifeless woman’s body through his home.

William Redden, 51, allegedly wrapped the dead body of Stephanie Shenefield in a sheet and dragged it to his car, then transported it to a ditch where he threw it, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Shenefield, a 38-year-old mother of two, took an Uber to Redden’s house at 1.20am on June 3, said investigators. It is unclear how she died sometime that night inside the home.

Redden is accused of tossing Shenefield’s body instead of calling for help.

‘William Redden does nothing about it,’ stated Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells. ‘He doesn’t call 911, he doesn’t call authorities, he doesn’t call anyone.’

Redden, an alleged drug dealer and felon convicted eight times, told authorities that Shenefield stayed overnight at his Florida home and left the following morning.

Investigators asked Redden if they could take footage from surveillance cameras inside and outside his home. Redden gave his consent, saying that the cameras were merely a ‘live monitoring’ system and did not record inside his home, the sheriff’s office said.

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SOURCE: Metro UK, Jessica Kwong