This 2022 has not been the best start for New phishing scam; its fall has been constant and relevant, and all forecasts of reaching $100,000 per unit collapsed.

During quite tricky situations from an economic and geopolitical perspective worldwide, the main affected have been cryptocurrencies.

Many users are in the dilemma of whether or not to sell their DIGITAL ASSETS since the floor values ​​they have reached are shallow, touching $29,000.

In terms of valuation, it is the lowest that BITCOIN has reached in a year.

Why is Bitcoin falling?

There are different opinions regarding the drastic fall that Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies have had since it has always been thought that the external factors of the traditional economy, rather than harming, should benefit the development and performance of these digital currencies.

Analysts and economists who closely follow the performance of cryptocurrencies have determined three reasons why Bitcoin has maintained such low values ​​and what has not allowed its valuation to increase.

First of all, there is a lack of operability with cryptocurrencies; the basic operations of supply and demand have been stagnant, which does not contribute to the normal fluctuation of digital currencies.

Second, it is assumed that the investors known as whales do not expect to acquire new digital currencies since they have a significant amount and are waiting for the valuation of Bitcoin to skyrocket to open operations.

And thirdly, the lack of interest by existing and new users in acquiring cryptocurrencies and carrying out transactions with them can be considered due to the volatility and risk that they lose money due to the low valuation of these digital assets.

Everyone is expecting Bitcoin to start climbing new value positions and thus reach all-time highs that will reactivate its operations.

It is assumed that a new bullish stage is approaching; since the corrective phase is in full swing, it is known that the bullish periods of cryptocurrencies usually last around two years.

So this stage is between 2020-2022; we have already witnessed the movements of these two years during a pandemic, and the incorporation of new users and investors has allowed Bitcoin to climb positions that place it as the leader of cryptocurrencies.

An extreme geopolitical situation that does not contribute

The setback of Bitcoin has been too evident; its value has decreased from almost 65,000 dollars to nearly 29,000, a floor that has caused significant levels of anxiety and anxiety in the digital financial market.

Investor expectations are to exceed the all-time high of 60,000. However, for many, the highest value that bitcoin could reach this year could be 100,000 per Bitcoin, which is a relatively high sum for the drastic drop it has experienced.

It may be that after this bearish phase, the Cryptocurrencies will resume their path and begin to generate the long-awaited gains.

The market itself has not been accessible, not only for digital currencies but also for financial assets. As a result, those who focus on technology are the most affected.

The economic situation in the United States and the war between Ukraine and Russia have not allowed the expected evolution of the financial market; this has, in turn, caused wear and tear on investors and novices since they expected a different scenario for this 2022.

Although many bet on the disappearance of digital currencies, the position they have achieved makes it extremely difficult for this situation to arise.

At the moment in which the upward trend of cryptocurrencies is generated, the potential of cryptocurrencies will be developed to the maximum, which is expected to last until 2025,

For many, the barrier of 100,000 is closer than we think since the last substantial rise that Bitcoin had gone from only 3,000 dollars to 60,000, something tangible that could be repeated.


The stagnation of Bitcoin is nothing more than a great opportunity where those who own cryptocurrencies must keep them stored. Those who have not yet invested can do so since the returns when prices are much higher by acquiring at low prices.

It is the expectation of many cryptocurrency holders since the vulnerable position they are currently in after the drastic fall of these digital assets makes them more attentive to any change in trend.