There’s a Devil Loose: Footage of Horrific Hazing That Left University of Missouri Student Paralyzed Is Revealed as His Family Demand Charges Against Frat Boys Involved and Share Pictures of Him Now in a Wheelchair

Surveillance footage has emerged of the brutal hazing of a University of Missouri student who is now blind, unable to walk and unable to speak as a result of the brain damage caused when he stopped breathing after downing vodka and beer and passing out on a couch in his fraternity house.

Danny Santulli, 19, is now wheelchair bound, blind and unable to speak as a result of the brain damage he suffered in October 2021 during the ‘Pledge Dad Reveal Night’ at Phi Gamma Delta. The teenager was ordered to down a 1.75 liter bottle of Tito’s and had beer force-fed to him through a tube.

Surveillance footage obtained by Good Morning America shows Danny and the other pledges being led shirtless and blindfolded down a staircase in the frat house.

Later, he is force-fed beer through a tube and then he is seen falling backwards, passing out on a table and then slumped on a couch.

The footage also shows his panicked frat brothers trying to carry him into a car to take him to the hospital once they realized how severe his condition was.

By the time he got there, he had stopped breathing for long enough to cause severe brain damage.

After months in a rehabilitation center, Danny was recently taken home to Missouri where his mother now cares for him round-the-clock.

His family previously sued 23 people, including the fraternity, and won their case with an undisclosed settlement but they are now suing two individual frat boys; Sam Gandhi and Alec Wetzler.

They are also demanding felony charges be brought against the pair.

Wetzler has been charged with misdemeanor providing alcohol to a minor and he is no longer enrolled at the school, but Gandhi has not been charged and he remains a student.

According to the family’s lawsuit, Gandhi saw the dire state Danny was in but did nothing to help until it was too late.

In an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday, Danny’s mother cried as she explained that none of the boys ever called 911.

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Source: Daily Mail