Michigan Middle School Hides Transgender Status of Student From Her Parents as Counsellor Warns Teachers to Only Use Child’s ‘Birth Name’ and Pronoun ‘He’ During Parent Teacher Conferences – Daniel Whyte III Says People, “You’ve Been Had, You’ve Been Took, You’ve Been Hoodwinked, Bamboozled, Led Astray, and Run Amok” and Your Sweet Little Beautiful Middle School, Elementary School, and High School in the Vale Is Being Used by the Devil, Woke Government Officials, and the Woke Homosexual Agenda to Convert Your Precious Children, and Many of Them Are Churchgoing Children, Into Becoming Homosexual Transgender Monsters to the Point That You Will Not Even Know Your Child and You Will Not Even Know Their Names or Pronouns to Call Him or Her. The Whole Ordeal Will Bring You Down to Your Grave and Turn the Church of the Future Into a Sodomite Church

A Michigan middle school has come under fire for telling teachers to hide from parents that their son identifies as transgender.

A counselor at Richards Middle in Fraser, near Detroit, sent an email to educators ahead of the school’s parent teacher conferences this month.

They were told not to tell the student’s parents about the change in the child’s gender identification, which saw the youth ask to be referred to as a female.

The message reportedly warned teachers to only use the student’s ‘birth name’ and ‘refer to the pronoun ‘he’ when talking to the child’s mother.

Yet in the letter the counselor refers to the student by their chosen female name and pronouns and tells the teachers the parent is still unaware of this transition.

It comes as schools across the country are increasingly allowing kids who identify as transgender without parents’ knowledge.

Officials have been defending themselves by citing a federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in schools.

The guidance, Title IX, prohibits sexual harassment or sex-based discrimination at schools and universities that receive federal funding.

It also requires schools to adopt and administer grievance procedures for students to file complaints of sexual discrimination, harassment, or violence.

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Source: Daily Mail