Attorney Kim Foxx, You Cannot Go Around Slapping Your Husband Over a Facebook Post: Husband of Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx Calls the Police After She ‘Slapped Him Over Something He Posted on Facebook’ – This Is Domestic Violence Big Willie Style

Controversial Illinois Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has been accused of slapping her husband during a domestic dispute.

Police were called to Kim’s Flossmoor home on June 4 at around 10 p.m. by her husband Kelley Foxx, 48, who reported that his wife had slapped him.

There were no injuries or arrests made in connection with the incident.

When officers arrived, Kelley, a public policy manager for Instacart in Chicago, reportedly told them: ‘Kimberly got mad about something that was posted on Facebook that he did.’

Kelley told police that Kim had asked him to leave – and things became physical after he refused.

A police report said that Kelley claimed Kim blocked him from leaving a bathroom, grabbed his collar and threw his video game controller on the ground.

‘He tried to turn on the TV and Kimberly snatched the controller out of his hand and threw the controller,’ the report adds.

The officer in the report added that he could hear Kim reply ‘all that is true.’

That’s when Kelley accused Kim of slapping across the left cheek, but the officer said there was no redness or swelling visible on his face to indicate being struck.

When he was informed of this, Kelley allegedly told the officer that he wanted to be left alone.

‘She can’t come in my personal space and put her hands on me,’ Kelley said, according to the report.

‘I asked him to explain what is happening here meant and he said she is being physically aggressive. He added that he just wanted it to stop,’ the officer wrote.

Another officer spoke to Kim. The policeman claimed that she said the couple had an argument and wanted him to leave. She also claimed that she put her hands on her husband but to guide him out of the house, adding that she didn’t slap him.

The authorities spoke with the Foxx family’s 19-year-old daughter, who said she heard a disagreement but didn’t see anything.

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Source: Daily Mail