The Bible In Living Color YouTube Channel Features Brown Biblical Heroes

This new YouTube channel takes historical evidence and portrays the Hebrews of biblical times in a more physically and linguistically correct manner.

The United States, June 8th, 2022– Recently launched, The Bible In Living Color YouTube channel is a treasure-trove of Bible scriptures brought to life. It features near-life characters acting out entire Bible chapters. New videos are added regularly. 

The channel uses true Hebrew names to educate the viewers. “Most do not realize there was no letter ‘j’ in the Hebrew alphabet in Bible days, so Jesus was not truly the name of the Son of God. It was Yeshua, which means salvation. There is a richness in the original Hebrew names and their meanings that was lost with the translations,” the creator of The Bible In Living Color states. The channel has a mission to educate and represent Hebrews as people of color, which has been indicated by historical researchers over the past few decades.

The overwhelming majority of Bible videos and movies omit people of color, despite the undeniable evidence of their existence. Exodus 2 notes that Moses looked like an Egyptian. Numbers 12 states his wife was Ethiopian. Acts 21 states Paul looked Egyptian. All these people are of a brown race but are rarely depicted this way. 

The Bible In Living Color also provides quizzes for those looking for quick and engaging bites of the Bible. Some influences for the inception of the channel were an American evangelist who preached to tens of millions of people around the world during his lifetime. Among his many credits is his courage in preaching that Jesus was a brown-skinned man. Also, Rabbi Ishmael, a great sage of the Talmud, noted that the Israelites were of boxwood complexion, neither white nor black. The Bible In Living Color promotes education of the Bible in order to understand how we are all connected through God no matter the race, “Many who deny the Bible’s significance do so because some distorted the Bible and use it to relegate people of color. Knowing the truth can bring true healing for all ‘races’, though there is only one race, the human race. The truth CAN set us free!”

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About The Bible In Living Color (YouTube channel):

Started in January 2022, The Bible In Living Color YouTube channel was created to envision the Bible and the biblical heroes within as historically correct. Viewers can experience the Bible visually and audibly all in one place. The Bible In Living Color was inspired by the teachings of faith-based leaders who also believe those mentioned in the Bible were a mix of darker and lighter skin tones. These leaders also believed that understanding what the people of those times looked and sounded like will help society close the racial divide to focus on more important goals within the spiritual. The Bible In Living Color aims to provide proper representation and teachings to empower viewers within their journey of faith.

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