Human Cost of War: More Dead Bodies Found in Mariupol

It’s not over yet. Ukrainian citizen’s worst fears are coming to haunt them. Scores of dead bodies are being pulled from smashed buildings in an “endless caravan of death” inside the devastated city of Mariupol, authorities said Wednesday. Workers are finding 50 to 100 bodies, according to a mayoral aide.

Simultaneously, the fight is on for  control of Sievierodonestk, a city that has emerged as central to Moscow’s grinding campaign to capture the Donbas. The Donbas is Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland.

To make things worse, Ukraine is still unable to export its millions of tons of grain through its blockaded ports.

According to The Associated Press, Petro Andryushchenko said on the Telegram app that the bodies are being taken in an “endless caravan of death” to a morgue, landfills and other places. At least 21,000 Mariupol civilians were killed during the weeks-long Russian siege, Ukrainian authorities have estimated.

Shipments of Ukrainian grain are held up inside the country, driving up the price of food. Ukraine, known as the “bread basket of Europe,” is one of the world’s biggest exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil. Because of the war with Russia, the country is unable to fulfill its obligationa in the delivery of these products.

Russia has expressed desire to work with Ukraine but on certain terms.

  1.  for Ukraine to remove mines from the waters near the Black Sea port of Odesa
  2. Russia be allowed to check incoming vessels for weapons

Russia, a major supplier of grain to the rest of the world, is shifting the blame on the food shortage to western sanctions against Moscow. The European Union has denied that and says that Russia is to be blamed as that would have never happened had Russia not warred against Ukraine.

“These are Russian ships and Russian missiles that are blocking the export of crops and grain,” European Council President Charles Michel said. “Russian tanks, bombs and mines are preventing Ukraine from planting and harvesting.”

Ukraine needs your prayers and support.

Source: BCNN1