15-Year-Old in California Accidentally Kills Her Boyfriend While Playing with Gun

A teenage girl was arrested on Sunday night after accidentally shooting and killing her boyfriend while the two were playing with a gun.

Deputies with the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina confirmed the incident to WPDE. As they explained, the shooting took place at a residence in Mount Croghan, South Carolina, and involved a handgun that the young couple was handling.

“Looked like they were playing with a gun, handgun, and the gun went off, the safety somehow went off and fired,” Captain Wayne Jorden explained. “A round hit the 15-year-old male in the chest.”

The boy’s mother was home at the time that the gun went off and promptly called 911. Unfortunately, the son did not survive.

The teen girl was taken into police custody following the tragic incident, according to officials, and now faces a charge of involuntary manslaughter. As a minor, details about her identity beyond her age have not been disclosed to the public.

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SOURCE: Newsweek, Thomas Kika