US Warns North Korea of Forceful Response to a Nuclear Test

(Bloomberg) — The US warned North Korea of strong punishment if it conducts a nuclear test, as Washington and a United Nations’ watchdog agency have said signs indicate Pyongyang could soon set off its first atomic device since 2017.

“There would be a swift and forceful response to such a test,” Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said in Seoul in a Tuesday meeting with her South Korean counterpart.

“Any nuclear tests would be in complete violation of UN Security Council resolutions,” she said, adding it would be destabilizing to world security. Sherman didn’t elaborate on specific measures but suggested the US would work with its allies to levy punishments.

North Korea may conduct a nuclear weapons test “any time,” including as soon as this week, Sung Kim, the US special representative for North Korea, told reporters on a conference call later Tuesday.

“We know that the North Koreans have done preparations for a nuclear test, and we will be obviously vigilant and be in close touch with our allies and partners to be able to respond very quickly, very swiftly should the North Koreans proceed,” he said.

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Source: MSN