President Biden Is Evacuated to Fire Station and Two Military Jets Are Scrambled After Light Aircraft Veers Into Airspace Over President’s Delaware Beach Home

Joe Biden was evacuated to a fire station and two military jets were scrambled after a light aircraft veered into airspace over the president’s Delaware beach house.

The 79-year-old and his wife Jill were rushed from the home to the secure location in Rehoboth following the ‘threat’ on Saturday afternoon.

He was spotted in the back of of his car as his motorcade raced down the street and away from the holiday home.

The assembly of vehicles was seen driving straight into the station at 12.45pm before security services swept the area clear of bystanders.

Biden left again at 1.29pm after staying in his car with his wife inside the compound the whole time.

Witness Susan Lillard told CBS she saw a small white plane flying over the area where the president’s house is.

She said two military jets were quickly scrambled and soared across the sky above her during the dramatic response.

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Source: Daily Mail