WATCH: Mother Who Ran Into Uvalde Elementary School to Rescue Her Children During Mass Shooting Says Police Threatened Her for Speaking Out About Their Botched Response to Massacre

Angeli Rose Gomez told CBS that she had worked her way into the school to retrieve her children. (CBS NEWS)

First, they handcuffed her, and now, she says they’re trying to shut her up.

A Uvalde mom who was handcuffed after urging police to rescue her kids from the deranged gunman who slaughtered 19 children at Robb Elementary, claims law enforcement has warned her to stop telling her story.

Once the handcuffs were off, Angeli Rose Gomez jumped over the fence and rushed to save her two sons on her own.

Gomez claimed she got a call from someone in law enforcement, who said if she kept speaking out about the botched police response to the massacre, she’d be charged with a probation violation for obstruction of justice, CBS News reported.

A farm worker, Gomez had been at the school earlier in the day for a graduation ceremony, then returned to the fields where she works. About 10 minutes later, she received a frantic call from her mother telling her about the shooting, and she jumped in her car and sped back to the school.

Once there, she and other parents were branded as “uncooperative” by cops standing outside the school while gunshots could be heard coming from inside.

“Right away, as I parked, a US Marshal started coming toward my car, saying that I wasn’t allowed to be parked there,” she recalled. “And he said, Well, we’re gonna have to arrest you because you’re being very uncooperative.”

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SOURCE: New York Post, Eileen AJ Connelly