Man Claiming to Be Depp-Heard Juror Says in Viral Tiktok That Amber Lying About Divorce Settlement Donation Sunk Her Case and That Jury Believed Johnny Was Abusive – but Not the Instigator: ‘Everything She Was Saying Came Off Like Bulls***’:

A man claiming to be one of the seven jurors in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial has lifted the lid on their deliberations – saying they felt Heard was unreliable and a gaslighter and describing her as the ‘instigator’ of the marital violence.

The alleged juror began his TikTok video by saying he wanted to remain anonymous. The names of jurors have been sealed for a year following the trial but jury members are allowed to come forward voluntarily and share their own experiences.

He then proceeded to explain the jury deliberations, describing Heard as a poor witness and saying they found Depp far more credible.

‘What would you say was the moment that you were like NOPE.. if she’s lying about this she’s lying about everything?’ asked one TikTok user.

He replied: ‘I would say the donation/ pledge to charity.’

Heard had promised to donate half of her $7 million divorce settlement from Depp to the ACLU, but Terence Dougherty, ACLU chief operating officer and general counsel, testified that she had failed to do so.

When pressed about the lie, Heard claimed that she used the word ‘donated’ and ‘pledged’ synonymously – a comment that was met with incredulity from Depp’s lawyers and, according to the juror, the jury.

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Source: Daily Mail