He Landed in Prison as a Drug Dealer with HIV, That’s When Dr. Christopher Yuan Found Freedom from His Homosexual Lifestyle

Christopher Yuan (Photo: CBN News)
Christopher Yuan (Photo: CBN News)

Christopher Yuan thought he was invincible. He was once a big-time drug dealer, and a big-time partier. But one day in a nurse’s office, he found out just how vulnerable he was, and it shook his whole world.

It all started when he was little. Although he was born in the United States, Christopher is the son of Chinese immigrants, and he never felt like he fit in with his American classmates.

“My parents really wanted to hold onto our Chinese heritage. So even though we were here in America, we were still distinct,” he says. “Kids are always cruel, and they pick on kids for being different.”

Christopher was small for his age. He played piano and worked hard in school. He wasn’t good at sports like the other boys.

“I was shorter. I wore glasses, so I was ‘four eyes,'” he recalls. “I was picked on because I was maybe a little more effeminate. I was more artistic.”

When he was nine years old, Christopher saw pornography at a friend’s house. That’s when he started thinking maybe he was different.

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Source: CBN