Goodell: “We won’t tolerate racism. We won’t tolerate discrimination”

The NFL has a poor record of hiring minorities as head coaches. But that will soon change as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decides to do something about it. This resolute came about after former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores, who is Black, filed a lawsuit alleging both racism in the league and being offered money by team owner Stephen Ross to tank games.

“We won’t tolerate racism. We won’t tolerate discrimination,” Goodell said. “I found all of the allegations, whether they were based on racism or discrimination or the integrity of our game, all of those to me were very disturbing. They are very serious matters to us on all levels, and we need to make sure we get to the bottom of all of them.”

The NFL commissioner was grilled on two fronts at his annual Super Bowl news conference: racism and discrimination in hiring.

Goodell vowed action on several fronts as there were other negative issue looming in the background. Negative issues such as:

-threats to the integrity of the sport

-misconduct by players and team executives

-NFL’s poor record for hiring minorities as head coaches. There are five minority head coaches on the 32 teams, two Black, one biracial, one Hispanic and one Lebanese. Approximately 70% of NFL players are Black.

-Flores’ charge of being offered $100,000 for each loss in 2019 to get the Dolphins to the top of the draft is being investigated by the league

However, there were some good issues:

-New Orleans running back Alvin Kamara now is out of jail after he was arrested over the weekend on a felony charge alleging he beat and injured a person at a Las Vegas nightclub following the Pro Bowl.

-Goodell defended the league using an oral report from an outside investigator into the work culture at the Washington Football Club, now the Commanders

-Goodell and other league officials have met with media mogul Byron Allen about his interest in buying the Denver Broncos and bringing diversity to ownership

Goodell mentioned in the meeting a willingness to make necessary changes whether it involves changes in the Rooney Rule that requires interviews of minority candidates for coaching and executive jobs, or a new rule entirely.

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFLPA, said the Rooney Rule has turned into a “suggestion.”

Come on now, Goodell, we both know that interviewing is quite different from hiring. Do the right thing.

Source: BCNN1