Solid Gold Jeweled Tabernacle Worth $2 Million Is Stolen From New York City Catholic Church by Vandals Who Also Decapitated Marble Statue of Angel

Thieves stole a jewel-encrusted solid gold tabernacle worth $2 million from a Brooklyn church – and also beheaded one of its marble angel statues.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said an unknown number of thieves stole a tabernacle between Thursday night and Saturday from St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church on 6 Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

The brazen thieves reported cut a giant hold into the tabernacle with unknown equipment and extracted an 18-karat gold tabernacle with jewels from its casing.

The tabernacle – a large structure that holds the Eucharist in the form of a blessed host – sat under a domed archway inside the church. The giant structure was hidden by what appears to be a revolving gold door, which now has a large rectangular cutout where the thieves drilled into to access it.

The hole was not cut all the way to the bottom and it is unclear how the thieves managed to lift the structure out of it’s cubbyhole and out of the church.

The tabernacle – which is typically the height of a person – resembled a glamorous building, with gold hardware and figures at the top. The ‘roof’ of the tabernacle features a cross at the top and several decorations.

The NYPD also reported an angel statue was decapitated during the burglary and it is unclear where the head is now.

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Source: Daily Mail