Larry Reid Goes Off on Bishop T.D. Jakes, Serita Jakes, Potter’s House Staff, and Cora Jakes For Mishandling an Accusation That Cora Jakes Stole Another Woman’s Baby Through “Manipulation, Coercion, and Duress”; Reid Did it Lovingly, Wisely, and Reluctantly and Calls Everything That Has Been Done Improper and an Injustice. This Sad Story Includes the Main and Just Reason Cora Jakes Divorced Her Husband for Allegedly he (Brandon Richard Coleman aka Skii Ventura) Molested One of the Children “Continuously.” He Has Been Arrested and Booked and Went to Jail on May 4th, 2022. Bail Was Set at $150,000.

These Are The Highlights of The Larry Reid Live Show Dealing with the Sad and Tragic Story Titled “Mother [Michelle (Loud) Powell] Accuses T.D. Jakes’ Daughter Cora Jakes of Manipulatively Taking Her Child.” Throughout This Article We Will Use Both Loud and Powell to Address This Woman Because in Writing It Was Powell but in the Video It Was Spelled Out as Loud. This Sad Story Includes the Main and Just Reason Cora Jakes Divorced Her Husband for Allegedly he (Brandon Richard Coleman aka Skii Ventura) Molested One of the Children “Continuously.” He Has Been Arrested and Booked and Went to Jail on May 4th, 2022. Bail Was Set at $150,000.

Come to find out, according to Larry Reid Live, allegedly, the main reason Brandon Richard Coleman and Cora Jakes divorced is because of “continuous sexual abuse” of a young child or children that they had adopted, and he was arrested and booked on May 4th, 2022. At least one of the children they had adopted was allegedly the victim. (We at BCNN1 believe that if this is the case this is good grounds for divorce.)

Larry Reid says: “Cora [Jakes] is obsessed with having a child because she is barren.”

Reid continues, “The facts are Michelle (Loud) Powell is the mother of Jason … She is claiming the way Cora Jakes got her baby is through, and her words are ‘manipulation, coercion, and duress’; and she signed away her rights in Judge Faith which I am thinking is the former DA for Dallas County. Her name is Judge Faith Johnson … When you are a high profile person … I want you to understand that having connections with judges and … if you are a high profile person, I have them, and if you are as huge as the Jakes’ family in Dallas you have police chiefs, they’re friends and are probably members of the church, so Cora probably didn’t have to pay for this. Allegedly in Judge Faith Johnson’s office, she created some paperwork for her [Michelle (Loud) Powell] to sign that would relinquish her rights over to Cora.”

According to Larry Reid Live, Cora Jakes is obsessed with babies because she is barren: “This obsession that Cora has has been baby-sat by her family, and her church, and her friends.”

Was she obsessed? Was it manipulative? Larry Reid says: “An obsessed person manipulates to get what she wants … She went in for the kill … Nobody in the family, including who we love, Bishop Daddy Jakes, stepped in with a clarity and a sense of knowability and say, ‘Cora, I know what you want.’ Instead of doing that, him or somebody put her over the children’s ministry. I looked online (unless this is old information) and she is over the Destiny Children’s ministry knowing that she has this obsession because she is barren and giving her that as a gift to satisfy her obsession so that she don’t slip into depression.”

Larry Reid continues: “This is not how we heal. We don’t help by giving people sugar bits and giving them titles and not by giving them responsibilities to keep them into their sense of self-worth so they won’t slip into depression. No. We send them to therapy. We tell them to pray, meditate, and we lay hands on them …”

Larry Reid raises the question, “Was the child-molesting husband over the children’s ministry? and why was he allowed to have continuous [contact with the children] … I wonder from 2011 to 2022, did you know that he molested one of the children? You all talked about it, had him to have a conversation with a preacher, prayed over him, and then kept him in the house with two children that was not neither one of you alls to do whatever he wanted to do because you [Cora Jakes] were obsessed with being a mom … This does not make any sense.”

Reid says, “I love Jakes, but I’m going to call a spade a spade. He wasn’t saying the right thing. Serita was not saying the right thing. Whoever was assigned to Cora was not telling her the right thing because this was improper, and it is still improper! It’s still wrong. I don’t care if she adopted the baby. You have a Momma who wants to see her child. What the hell is wrong with you all? … This is being handled improperly. This is an injustice!”

Reid also says, “One day that child is going to want to know who his mother is … and I hate that it is going to be a first family, a preacher and his wife and all of their staff that support that child not having any communication with the Mom. This is improper for me. I have a whole problem with it … I see this as absolute wrong!”

Reid raises the question: “Was the husband a part of the adoption process? … Where there is smoke there is fire.”

The baby’s natural birth mother texted Larry Reid during the live broadcast and told him “You have laid it out to a ‘T’.” The baby’s mother is Michelle (Loud) Powell and she has more to say on her own platform. Reid says, “This is the way I see things. I’m on nobody’s side … I still respect the Jakes’ family, but I just feel like this is some bulls—. This is regular church s—. It happens in every storefront, well not every. This happens in many storefront churches around the world … where people have power, wealth, and position where they usually get what they want even if it may not be the best thing for all parties involved … Now, I got to go!”