WATCH: Man Believed to be Elvis Presley’s Grandson (Who Looks Just Like Him) Sings His Grandfather’s Hit Song “Love Me Tender” and Brings Down the House

At the start of this video, a young man named Dakota Striplin begins to sing and play guitar with the voice of an angel. A judge immediately turns around her chair and puts her hand on her heart.

Suddenly, another judge says, “I need to see what’s going on here” and flips her chair. At the end of his song, one judge shares how excited she is that this young man is here. The judges are shocked that he not only sang, he was also playing.

They ask him what caused him to choose that song and artist. Dakota responds that Elvis inspired him and his grandmother used to love going to the shows and there is a running joke that he could be his grandson. The judges laugh when they see the resemblance.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk