Moped Driver Who Fatally Shot 11-Year-Old Girl with Stray Bullet Turns Himself in to NYPD

Omar Bojang, who allegedly drove the shooter of 11-year-old Kyhara Tay on a moped, turned himself in to police.

The young man who cops say was driving the moped from which an armed 15-year-old fatally shot 11-year-old Kyhara Tay with a stray bullet last week turned himself in to the NYPD Monday, cops said.

Omar Bojang, 18, was walked out of the NYPD’s 41st Precinct house in ankle chains Monday evening hours after he surrendered to police with a lawyer at his side.

Bojang strode from the station house with his head down and ignored reporters’ questions about the little girl’s murder as he was led into a waiting police cruiser.

Police had earlier identified him as the man who was driving the moped on May 16 when Matthew Godwin was trying to shoot a 13-year-old rival – but instead shot Tay in the stomach just before 5 p.m., police said. She was visiting a nearby nail salon.

Godwin was caught Friday hiding out in a hotel with his mom, officials said.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Tina Moore