Roland Warren on With New Anti-Abortion Laws Being Passed, is the Church Prepared?

The U.S Supreme Court’s impending ruling on cases that made abortion legal across the country highlights a need for the American Church to ask what it must do to prepare for a post-Roe America. While courts can make abortion illegal, only God through His Church can make it unthinkable.

The Church has remained mostly on the sidelines of the abortion issue in fear of being seen as “too political.” When they do decide to “get involved,” their involvement, ironically, is primarily political. Christians ought not to see the life issue through a political lens but through a discipleship lens. After all, every good work a Christian does should lead to discipleship. Food for the hungry, clothes for the naked… compassion for the pregnant. Indeed, Christians must begin to recognize discipleship as a critical tool in the fight to end abortion, because if we are to truly “end abortion,” the long-term support and transformational power of discipleship are irreplaceable.

Thankfully, there are thousands of pregnancy centers across the country doing incredible work to provide compassion for the pregnant. However, the core function of a pregnancy center is to provide material and emotional support, from conception to birth, to those walking through their doors. But women and men facing unplanned pregnancies often consider whether there will be any support for them on the “other side” of choosing life. It is that life-long support that should be a calling of the Church.

So, in a post-Roe America, what happens to women and men if they no longer have the option of abortion? Churches must be equipped to lead with credibility and love – offering compassion, hope, help, and discipleship to abortion-vulnerable women and men.

Moreover, the Church can’t stop at being pro-life but must become Pro Abundant Life. We should not only be saving babies from abortion – giving them life – but also building strong, God-honoring families and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Source: CBN