Is the MONKEYPOX Virus Another HIV/AIDS Plague Sent by God Against Homosexual Men and Bisexual Men as Punishment to Keep Mankind From Destroying Itself Through the Abomination of Homosexuality? The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) Is Convening an EMERGENCY Meeting Where Experts on the UN Agency Are Set to Discuss the UNUSUALLY HIGH RATES Among HOMOSEXUAL and BISEXUAL Men

World Health Organization bosses will hold an emergency monkeypox amid growing fears about the international outbreak.

Eleven countries have now detected the tropical virus, which is usually only spotted within Africa.

Germany and Belgium today became the latest nations to declare monkeypox cases, while France and Australia announced patients had tested positive overnight.

Experts on the UN agency are set to discuss the unusually high rates among gay and bisexual men, it was claimed today.

The panelists, reported to include one of the WHO’s most senior Covid advisers, will also deliberate how monkeypox vaccines should be dished out to control spiralling cases.

Britain’s monkeypox outbreak doubled in size today, as Sajid Javid revealed another 11 Britons had tested positive for the virus — which doesn’t spread anywhere near as easily as Covid.

The Health Secretary said that he had briefed ‘G7 Health Ministers on what we know so far’.

No details about the new eleven patients have been released yet.

But six of the previous nine confirmed cases were in men who have sex with men — which officials say is ‘highly suggestive of spread in sexual networks’.

Experts told MailOnline today vaccines could be given to gay men, if cases continue to disproportionally be in homosexual and bisexual males.

MailOnline yesterday revealed that health chiefs were stockpiling jabs amid growing fears about the tropical virus’s spread. Ministers were already sitting on 5,000 doses but have now ordered an extra 20,000.

Close contacts of the UK’s known cases are already being offered the jab, which was originally designed for smallpox. The two rash-causing viruses are very similar.

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Source: Daily Mail