Vladimir Putin’s Eldest Daughter Defends Her Father the Russian President’s Invasion of Ukraine, His Stance Against Homosexuality and the West in Online Posts on University Website Using a Secret Account

Vladimir Putin’s eldest daughter is believed to be behind a secret social media account that has been raging against Russian president’s many gripes Ukraine, the West, George Soros and gay rights.

Maria Vorontsova, 37, the president’s eldest daughter from his first marriage, was running the social media account called ‘Maria V’ defending Putin according to reports.

She also told the university alumni group through the account on Telegram that ‘the West’ tries to prevent Russia from being ‘prosperous’.

According to The Times, Dmitry Kolezev, editor-in-chief of Republic, a Russian independent media out received the posts after they were posted on a channel to 170 graduates from the 2011 Moscow State University’s medical department.

The Russian paediatric endocrinologist graduated from MSU in 2011, and is also known as Maria Faassen.

She is one of Putin’s two daughters from ex-Kremlin first lady Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya.

Katerina Tikhonova, the younger of the pair, now has a lover called Zelensky – the same name as the Ukrainian president – according to reports.

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Source: Daily Mail