Archbishop of San Francisco Bans “Devout” Catholic Nancy Pelosi From Communion Due to Her Support for Abortion – Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says Again That He Has Been Against Abortion for Over 42 Years and Has Preached Against It More Than Most, but Until the Catholic Church, Including Popes and Bishops, Cease to Be Homosexuals, Cease Having Sex With Nuns and Raping Nuns and Leaving Them Pregnant and Causing Them to Get Abortions, and Cease Molesting and Raping Boys and Girls at the Altar, They Would Be Wise to Keep Their Mouths Shut Lest President Biden and Speaker Pelosi Open Up an Investigation Into the Catholic Church That Should Arrest Pope Benedict and Hundreds of Other Bishops, Priests, and Nuns Who Have Raped Little Boys and Little Girls. He Tells the Archbishop of San Francisco and Other Archbishops and Priests to Cease Giving Communion and to Cease Taking Communion Themselves, for Many of You Have Already Died for Giving Communion and Taking Communion Unworthily.